Command line toolΒΆ

asdf includes a command-line tool, asdftool that performs a number of useful operations:

  • explode: Convert a self-contained ASDF file into exploded form (see Saving external arrays).

  • implode: Convert an ASDF file in exploded form into a self-contained file.

  • defragment: Remove unused blocks and extra space.

  • diff: Report differences between two ASDF files

  • remove-hdu: Remove ASDF extension from ASDF-in-FITS file (requires astropy, see Saving ASDF in FITS).

  • info: Print a rendering of an ASDF tree.

  • extensions: Show information about installed extensions (see Extensions from other packages).

  • tags: List currently available tags

  • to_yaml: Inline all of the data in an ASDF file so that it is pure YAML.

Run asdftool --help for more information.