info, max_rows=24, max_cols=120, show_values=True)[source]

Print a rendering of an ASDF tree or sub-tree to stdout.

node_or_pathstr, pathlib.Path, asdf.asdf.AsdfFile, or any ASDF tree node

The tree or sub-tree to render. Strings and Path objects will first be passed to…).

max_rowsint, tuple, or None, optional

Maximum number of lines to print. Nodes that cannot be displayed will be elided with a message. If int, constrain total number of displayed lines. If tuple, constrain lines per node at the depth corresponding to the tuple index. If None, display all lines.

max_colsint or None, optional

Maximum length of line to print. Nodes that cannot be fully displayed will be truncated with a message. If int, constrain length of displayed lines. If None, line length is unconstrained.

show_valuesbool, optional

Set to False to disable display of primitive values in the rendered tree.