open = <bound method of <class 'asdf.asdf.AsdfFile'>>

Open an existing ASDF file.


fd : string or file-like object

May be a string file or http URI, or a Python file-like object.

uri : string, optional

The URI of the file. Only required if the URI can not be automatically determined from fd.

mode : string, optional

The mode to open the file in. Must be r (default) or rw.

validate_checksums : bool, optional

If True, validate the blocks against their checksums. Requires reading the entire file, so disabled by default.

extensions : list of AsdfExtension

A list of extensions to use when reading and writing ASDF files. See AsdfExtension for more information.

do_not_fill_defaults : bool, optional

When True, do not fill in missing default values.

ignore_version_mismatch : bool, optional

When True, do not raise warnings for mismatched schema versions. Set to True by default.

ignore_unrecognized_tag : bool, optional

When True, do not raise warnings for unrecognized tags. Set to False by default.

copy_arrays : bool, optional

When False, when reading files, attempt to memmap underlying data arrays when possible.

custom_schema : str, optional

Path to a custom schema file that will be used for a secondary validation pass. This can be used to ensure that particular ASDF files follow custom conventions beyond those enforced by the standard.

strict_extension_check : bool, optional

When True, if the given ASDF file contains metadata about the extensions used to create it, and if those extensions are not installed, opening the file will fail. When False, opening a file under such conditions will cause only a warning. Defaults to False.

ignore_missing_extensions : bool, optional

When True, do not raise warnings when a file is read that contains metadata about extensions that are not available. Defaults to False.


asdffile : AsdfFile

The new AsdfFile object.