open = <bound method of <class 'asdf.asdf.AsdfFile'>>

Open an existing ASDF file.


fd : string or file-like object

May be a string file or http URI, or a Python file-like object.

uri : string, optional

The URI of the file. Only required if the URI can not be automatically determined from fd.

mode : string, optional

The mode to open the file in. Must be r (default) or rw.

validate_checksums : bool, optional

If True, validate the blocks against their checksums. Requires reading the entire file, so disabled by default.

extensions : list of AsdfExtension

A list of extensions to the ASDF to support when reading and writing ASDF files. See asdftypes.AsdfExtension for more information.

do_not_fill_defaults : bool, optional

When True, do not fill in missing default values.

ignore_version_mismatch : bool, optional

When True, do not raise warnings for mismatched schema versions. Set to True by default.

ignore_unrecognized_tag : bool, optional

When True, do not raise warnings for unrecognized tags. Set to False by default.

copy_arrays : bool, optional

When False, when reading files, attempt to memmap underlying data arrays when possible.

custom_schema : str, optional

Path to a custom schema file that will be used for a secondary validation pass. This can be used to ensure that particular ASDF files follow custom conventions beyond those enforced by the standard.


asdffile : AsdfFile

The new AsdfFile object.