Version 3.0

SerializationContext was previously importable from asdf.asdf.SerializationContext. Although not part of the public API, this import path has been deprecated and users should instead import SerializationContext from asdf.extension.

Version 2.15

ASDF 2.15 introduced many new asdf.exceptions.AsdfDeprecationWarning messages. These warnings are subclasses of the built-in python DeprecationWarning and will by default be ignored except in __main__ and with testing tools such as pytest.

These are intended to highlight use of features that we will likely remove in the next major version of ASDF (see our Release Cycle and Major Dependency Support Policy for more details about our versioning, compatibility and support policy).

Legacy Extension API Deprecation

A large number of asdf.exceptions.AsdfDeprecationWarning messages appear related to use of the legacy extension api. Some examples include:

  • asdf.types

  • asdf.types.CustomType

  • asdf.type_index

  • asdf.resolver

  • the asdf_extensions entry point

  • portions of asdf.extension including:

    • asdf.extension.AsdfExtension

    • asdf.extension.AsdfExtensionList

    • asdf.extension.BuiltinExtension

    • asdf.extension.default_extensions

    • asdf.extension.get_cached_asdf_extensions

    • asdf.extension.get_default_resolver

  • attributes to asdf.AsdfFile including:

    • asdf.AsdfFile.run_hook

    • asdf.AsdfFile.run_modifying_hook

    • asdf.AsdfFile.url_mapping

    • asdf.AsdfFile.tag_mapping

    • asdf.AsdfFile.type_index

    • asdf.AsdfFile.resolver

    • asdf.AsdfFile.extension_list

This deprecated api is replaced by new-style converters, extensions and validators. asdf-astropy is a useful example package that uses these new-style extension api.

ASDF-in-FITS Deprecation

Support for AsdfInFits (including the asdf.fits_embed module) is deprecated. Code using this format can migrate to using stdatamodels which contains functions to read and write AsdfInFits files (see AsdfInFits for migration information).

Without support for fits_embed.AsdfInFits the extract and remove-hdu commands for asdftool are no longer usable and are deprecated.

asdf.tests.helpers Deprecation

Use of asdf.tests.helpers is deprecated. Please see asdf.testing.helpers for alternative functions to aid in testing.