User API

asdf Package

asdf: Python library for reading and writing Advanced Scientific Data Format (ASDF) files


open(fd[, uri, mode, validate_checksums, …]) Open an existing ASDF file.
test([package, test_path, args, plugins, …]) Run the tests using pytest.


AsdfFile([tree, uri, extensions, version, …]) The main class that represents an ASDF file object.
CustomType Base class for all user-defined types.
AsdfExtension Abstract base class defining an extension to ASDF.
Stream(shape, dtype[, strides]) Used to put a streamed array into the tree.
IntegerType(value[, storage_type]) Enables the storage of arbitrarily large integer values
ExternalArrayReference(fileuri, target, …) Store a reference to an array in an external File.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of asdf.asdf.AsdfFile, asdf.types.CustomType, asdf.extension.AsdfExtension,, asdf.tags.core.integer.IntegerType, asdf.tags.core.external_reference.ExternalArrayReference