We welcome feedback and contributions of all kinds. Contributions of code, documentation, or general feedback are all appreciated. This package follows the ASDF-format Code Of Conduct and strives to provide a welcoming community to all of our users and contributors.

New to GitHub or open source projects? If you are unsure about where to start or haven’t used GitHub before, please feel free to contact the package maintainers.


The ASDF Standard itself also has a repository on github. Suggestions for improvements to the ASDF Standard can be reported here.

Feedback, Feature Requests, and Bug Reports

Feedback, feature requests, and bug reports for the ASDF Python implementation can be posted via ASDF’s github page. Please open a new issue any questions, bugs, feedback, or new features you would like to see. If there is an issue you would like to work on, please leave a comment and we will be happy to assist. New contributions and contributors are very welcome!

Contributing Code and Bug Fixes

To contribute code to ASDF please fork ASDF first and then open a pull request from your fork to ASDF. Typically, the main development work is done on the “main” branch. The rest of the branches are for release maintenance and should not be used normally. Unless otherwise told by a maintainer, pull request should be made and submitted to the “main” branch.


The “stable” branch is protected and used for official releases.

We ask that all contributions include unit tests to verify that the code works as intended. These tests are run automatically by GitHub when pull requests are open. If you have difficulties with tests failing or writing new tests please reach out to the maintainers, who are glad to assist you.


ASDF uses both black and ruff to format your code, so we ask that you run these tools regularly on your code to ensure that it is formatted correctly.

To make this easier, we have included pre-commit support for ASDF. We suggest that you install pre-commit, so that your code is automatically formatted before you commit. For those who do not run these tools regularly, the pre-commit-ci bot will attempt to fix the issues with your pull request when you submit it.


Backporting changes is done automatically using meeseeksdev. If you are a maintainer, you can comment @meeseeksdev backport to <branch> on a pull request to manually trigger a backport. Moreover, when merging a “backport” pull request, please use the “Rebase and merge” option.